Week 19: Backflip 2

I flippin' love ya

Hello type luvers <3 

This week I revisited Backflip! It’s my most-downloaded font from this project so far and I love that y’all are so into it! I’m never 100% sure what’s going to land so it’s fun to bring back the faves for a second round of TLC. 

When I designed Backflip, I knew that I would want to add a lowercase to it at some point. And because I haven’t made a lowercase set in a while, there was no time like the present! However, adding lowercase to an existing caps set can be tricky. My advice is to start with a few lowercase letters and solidify the weight, width, and x-height next to the caps before moving on to other letters! I usually start with n, o, and h. It can get messy quickly if you add a bunch before everything gets nailed down.

Backflip is a mostly normal slab but with some swooshy curves added in (like in N, V, and Z). The swooshy bits are a little more difficult to add to the lowercase so I leaned into the cute factor and added some playfulness where I could. I love short little descenders and big, open bowls. I also made the CrAzY decision to have a single story g with a double story a. That’s not how it’s typically done but I couldn’t get a double story g to work for the life of me this week! 

I’m adding a new section below of things I’m stoked on each week! Will probably be mostly type/graphic design related but I might throw in other things here and there. :) 

  1. Indigo De Souza’s album “I Love My Mom.” I know it’s old but it really hit the spot for me this week! 

  2. Episode 12 of the Creative Characters Podcast featuring my former teacher and all around cool guy, James Edmonson. 

  3. This beaded sweater that I’m almost done knitting and will likely finish right after I send this out!! 

  4. The book “Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice” by Armin Hofmann. It’s old school but packed with cool design inspo! Also Hoffman has an obsession with designing pest control packaging?? 

  5. Trying to find a new way to stay organized! I am toying with using something like Notion or Dropmark to manage projects and tasks. If you have a method you’d recommend, reply and let me know! I have a hard time maintaining any sort of system outside of a handwritten to-do list. 

(: (: DOWNLOAD :) :) 

Have a swell ass weekend,